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The FrontierMart is a mom and pop grocery store located in Corrales, New Mexico on the banks of the Rio Grande.  We are surrounded by vineyards and chile fields.  Our little store offers life’s basic neccessities including milk, bread, eggs, raw local honey, steamed tamales, salad fixings, and books by local authors.

In addition we specialize in fine wine including New Mexico wine, craft beer, and New Mexico gourmet gifts.  This year (2012) we are celebrating 36 years in business.

John and Jean Waszak own the FrontierMart — or the FrontierMart owns them.  John is a basketball fan.  If he’s breathing, you’ll find him at the Lobo games.  In his younger days he had 15 minutes of fame as a fullback for the Cleveland Browns.

Jean was born to be a writer, but she got sidetracked running a grocery store.  Since 1993 she has written a column for the local newspaper.  She writes about people and animals who frequent the FrontierMart.  Their stories are so wild and interesting that she simply cannot stop herself.  You’ll want to see her blog.

Our goal is to reflect the ambiance and fun of our rural village, on line as well as in person.  For example, did you know that Corrales has a Pet Mayor?  This year it is a horse named Aspen — a mare mayor!  At Frontier Mart we offer a Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with a Corrales Pet Mayor label.  Check it out.

John & Jean at 35th Anniversary Celebration


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  1. Hello Jean, I’m here working with Louis Bledsoe on developing our website and app. How do you like yours? I sure like yours and the store. Didn’t know you were there and will be stopping by for a bottle of wine.

    • Hi Kay,
      I love my website & app. Lou is the best. Good choice. We’d love to see you in the FrontierMart. Ask for me when you come in. Do you live in or near Corrales?

  2. Mrs. Waszak, got your name from The Southwest Writers website and read you’ll be at their meeting tonight. I’m hoping of being able to attend. If I do, well make sure to stop and say hi. Thanks, James

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