10th Annual Running of the Tractors & 4H Show

On Sunday, March 22 the Frontier Mart and Village Mercantile hosted the 10th annual Running of the Tractors and 4H Show. It was a perfect day with fruit trees blooming and not a breath of wind. The tractor parade began at the Corrales Fire Station and moved south along Corrales Road, past the Frontier Mart, to the Village Mercantile.  From that point on visitors walked back and forth between the Mart and the Merc to visit all the attractions including tractors, 4-H animals and displays, free horseback rides and, of course, the Chicken Drop.

desureIn case you’re wondering, the chicken drop does not mean that anyone drops chickens.  It’s what the chickens drop that counts. The game is also called Poultry Bingo.  Two chickens were set on a tarp that was laid out in a grid with one number in each square. Folks bought the rights to each number, and the lucky winner was the person with the winning number chosen by the first chicken, if you get my drift. That event happened at the Merc and that’s where the tractors were displayed. The oldest tractor was an old Fordson built between 1924 and 1928.  One favorite was a big shiny red McCormick Farmall labeled “Object of Desire.” Other favorites were vintage John Deere’s known as Johnny Poppers.

My personal favorite was not a tractor at all, but a hilarious machine made from a 1930 NOVO 2 cycle motor.  Thomas and Patricia Gifford of Farmington had rigged it to be an air compressor, coffee grinder, pump jack, water pump, can crusher, log splitter, air horn and shower.  You had to be there.

At Frontier Mart the Corralitos 4H Club gave free horseback rides to children while tractors pushed a 55 gallon drum around the lot, and a girl named Natasha made her chickens and a rabbit named Whiskers available to all comers. Her chickens were named Truth, Wisdom, Potter, and Big Bird.

Inside the store we sold lots of Boar’s Head hot dogs and passed out free samples of Boar’s Head Beef Jerky and Celina’s Biscochitos.




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