A Letter from the Frontier - March 21,2020

We've got what you forgot!

John and Jean Waszak own the Frontier Mart – or the Frontier Mart owns them.
John is a sports fan.  If he’s breathing, you’ll find him at the Lobo basketball games.  In his younger days he had 15 minutes of fame as a fullback for the Cleveland Browns.

Jean was born to be a writer, but she got sidetracked running a grocery store. Since 1993 she has written a column for the local newspaper. She writes about people and animals who frequent the Frontier Mart. Their stories are so wild and interesting that she simply cannot stop herself. You’ll want to read her blog.

Our goal at Frontier Mart is to reflect the ambiance, diversity and fun of our rural village. For example, did you know that Corrales has a Pet Mayor? Voting starts soon and the winner is announced at Harvest Festival.  A song once written about Corrales says that we are a village of "1000 people, 2000 dogs and 3000 registered horses.“ Our population is a bit larger than that now, but the ratios remain roughly the same.

We’d love to welcome you to Corrales
and the Frontier Mart.

Listen to our Radio Corrales interview: